Katherine Frink-Hamlett has written several articles about diversity and professional development in the legal industry. She is an emerging thought leader with a straight no chaser style that is provocative yet instructional.


Partnership - New York Law Journal


Listen: The color of diversity is green, sustainable green. Particularly in today's challenging economic environment, law firms of all shapes and sizes are acutely sensitive to a partner's ability to pull her weight and generate revenue for the firm's coffers. Whether you're black, white, purple or pink, the primary concern for every potential partner is having the green: a solid book of portable business.

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Black Men - New York Law Journal

Black Men

You're all playing a rigged game, chasing those coveted few black male law school graduates/associates, and some may get one (jackpot!), a few might really hit it big-time and get two (mega lotto!), but several will wind up without a single soul (zippo!). Eventually, you may make a few chess moves and one or two may come your way through a lateral recruit. But here's the cruel joke: Everyone is shuffling the same diminished deck, and the replenishments are distant, and increasingly, non-existent.

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Celebrating Same-Sex Marriage at Big Law - New York Law Journal

Celebrating Same-Sex Marriage at Big Law?

Your goal is to develop firm-wide best practices so that LGBT attorneys can be out and proud. Not only is this approach ethical and the right thing to do, it is a business imperative because not to do so means running the grave risk of losing significant, key talent. As NBA sports icon Charles Barkley, a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, stated, "I'd rather have a gay guy who can play than a straight guy who can't play...". If your firm wants to play and is serious about talent acquisition, it better get real about recruiting and retaining LGBT attorneys because they are and will continue to be a tremendous source of legal talent: several make it rain and many are among the best in their practice areas.

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Progess & Milestones: Recognize and Celebrate

Progress & Milestones: Recognize and Celebrate

So, let's give a thuderous round of applause to Supreme Court Associate Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan (who, by the way, is a Hunter College High School alumnus, just like me – go Hunter!). Each Associate Justice represents a journey and success story that is immensely inspirational and a tremendous source of pride for the numerous women attorneys who continue to move forward in the legal profession.

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