Accolades & Testimonials

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We turn to Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions for our specialized temporary hiring needs and they consistently deliver superior results at competitive prices. They understand our business and our hiring needs. Whether we need one consultant or several, Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions is responsive with great candidates.

Hiring Manager
Fortune 500 Corporation

Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions is our “go to” legal search firm and our first call when we are looking for legal and compliance professionals. They consistently deliver a pool of incredibly talented attorneys and fully understand our business needs and objectives. Plus, they present a solid array of diverse candidates.

Hiring Manager
Pharmaceutical Company

Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions is expedient and delivers excellent results. Our law firm was searching for an experienced real estate practitioner in a specialized area. Rather than bombard us with tons of resumes, Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions delivered targeted search results that enabled us to hire a candidate who fit our needs.

Hiring Partner
NY Law Firm

Our firm is committed to diversity and sought the services of Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions for partner candidates. Within just weeks of our initial conversation, we were presented with the resume of an outstanding diverse partner candidate. Professionals at Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions truly listen to you. They don’t try to convince you, like so many other recruiters, to fit a round peg in a square hole. They just present you with candidates who have the background and skills you are looking for.

Diversity Partner
AmLaw 100 Firm

I am a professional with over ten years of experience and a passion for challenging opportunities. Four months ago, Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions placed me as a temporary employee at an amazing IT and consulting company to assist with a major project. As I learned the ropes of the company, Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions continued to serve as a source of extraordinary professional support. My project supervisor recently converted me to a permanent role because of my work product and my success at assimilating with the team. I love the work tremendously and have a great appreciation for Frink-Hamlett Legal Solutions, which introduced me to a great opportunity with growth potential!

Silvia, Legal Services Professional